Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Packages Are Here

We are pleased to announce our new 2008 packages. While sticking with our theme of being budget friendly we have come up with a great lineup of new products and services.

Here are some new additions-

-New Collage Prints- Each package will include these hand designed prints showing the highlights of your big day.

-Disks Provided- You asked and we listened. Each of our new packages include a disk of either high or low rez images. They are your picture and you deserve to have them.

-Product Credits- Beyond wonderful images, you deserve all the wonderful mediums in which to display your photography. Use your product credit for albums, coffee table books, prints and even an Ipod Touch loaded with your images. Too many options to list.

-Bigger Better Albums-We are officially launching our new album line for 2008 and it includes our already popular Willowbook line but also Asuka Book and Graphi Studio. We have pegged these as the most popular, affordable and modern albums on the market. All books now start at 30 pages which should be a welcome addition from 18 pages.

-Extra Photographer- We now include a second photographer with most packages and that would most likely mean Marian. This means more great images and a smoother day.

These are just the highlights. Feedback is always welcome if you feel we have left something out.

For the clients we have met with or talked to, you are still locked into last year's rates although you might just prefer one of our new offerings. Please let us know if you have questions.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Engagement Season is Here!

I read the newspaper this morning (who doesn't) and saw that the first real "cold" fronts are headed to Florida this weekend. So like a groundhog I am here to proclaim that it is time to start scheduling and shooting engagement sessions (the hip phrase is E-Sessions). Everyone should know by now that I hate bland and boring so Marian and I will be encouraging great ideas and themes.

Everyone always asks what to wear. My first response is always no mini skirts! Makes posing sort of a challenge if you catch my drift. Seriously, just be yourselves and wear something that matches your personality. Not weekend mowing the yard garb but you know what I mean. Try to avoid loud colors, patterns, stripes and try to wear complimenting outfits.

We are not there to photograph the clothes we are there to capture your personalities.

We look forward to working with every single one of our clients to insure amazing photography.