Sunday, August 12, 2007

Welcome Marian!

My wife Marian has joined the business full time and while she has been working in the background, now she will be a driving force in our success. Marian is a certified bridal consultant who spent ten years in the bridal industry, she makes the perfect compliment to myself.

Marian is a naturally gifted photographer and has already been helping as a second shooter. In addition, she has taken the reign for multimedia and will be in charge of gathering audio/video as well as editing and posting.

As soon as she finishes organizing and refocusing the business side she will be hitting the streets with a much needed marketing campaign. I have needed this for some time and I am so happy she has come out of retirement. Now I have the perfect partner!

Jeff and Lauren

Can see you the personality from just these few frames? Some people have to try real hard to be spunky but not these two. Their wedding is in November at Queen of Peace Church and the reception is at Sweetwater Branch Inn. Cannot even imagine getting to document their personalities for a whole day.

Matt and Candice

Very fun couple who are gonna have a grand event at the Reunion Resort in Orlando. This place is gorgeous and Marian and I have a great plan in place to provide some amazing photography. The reception is going to be a hoot. Check back to see their wedding photos. Did I mention it was about a 100 degrees when we did this shoot?

Lyzette and Salvatore

Marian and I shot this wedding a couple weeks ago at the International Resort and Spa in Orlando. The couple recently dealt with some health issues that caused them to have a small wedding a year ago. This was the celebration they had in mind from the start and I was so glad to be a part of it. I was the photographer for Lyzette's son Louis Lorentz and Kim's wedding and her niece Ada and Nick's. They made us feel like part of the family and I think we captured the story of the day. There will be a multimedia piece coming soon. Enjoy!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Where's Rob?

Wow, time has been flying by. We have been making huge strides in Rob Witzel Photography. Here are just a few items. Been getting an amazing amount of leads and consultation requests. Spent a few days with Smart Marketing in Naples and have a true marketing strategy in place. Completely restructured my office and organization thanks to my wife Marian. Am now working with the best wedding consultants in town. The list goes on and on. I promise to elaborate and post some new images from recent events ASAP.