Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Medieval "A" Faire

I heard about the story at the paper and jumped right on board. The couple first met at the medieval faire and later online and now they were tying the knot on the Royal Chessboard.

As a photojournalist we always look high and low for the unusual and visual appealing. Even though this was not a contracted event for me, I could not pass it up (especially because we used it as a photo-only package in the paper). It was a blast to shoot and my only regret is I had to leave right after the ceremony in order to make deadline.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thomas and Melissa- Engagement

Greetings All.

Here is a peek at my shoot with Thomas and Melissa on Sunday at the University of Florida campus. The weather was terrible leading up to Sunday so I was a bit worried but clear skies prevailed and we made some great frames at the Baughman Center and the stadium.

Luckily the gates were open at the Swamp and besides the dozen or so people playing on the field, we were able to get some cool shots. The stadium is not always the easiest place to shoot so it makes me even happier to see these.

BTW- Kudos to Thomas for letting us cover him in moss!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Brent and Kelly- Engagement

We did this shoot last week at Ginn Hammock Resort along Palm Coast, Florida. This is a great beach town between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach.

Brent and Kelly are a fun couple and we did lots and lots of walking around the resort and all it's great locations. As you can tell it is on the ocean so we got to take advantage of that as well. Here is just an appetizer to all the fantastic images we got.

Mike and Andrea- Engagement

Washington Oaks State Park is located along Palm Coast, Florida and it is unique because of its large collection of oak trees on one side and a gorgeous beach on the other. Great location!

There were so many great images from this shoot I just wish I had more room here to post the rest. You can see how comfortable they were for the shots and it really shows. Looking forward to their wedding next year in St. Augustine.