Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Multimedia Part 2- Travis and Jess

This is our second multimedia piece and I can say it fits the couple's personality to a tee. Kudos to my wife Marian who put this together without attending the event. I hope you agree she did a great job. Let us know what you think.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Weddings Take Time

I often hear the phrase "wedding photographers charge so much for just a few hours of work." While I agree the prices around the country have gotten way out of hand I do take issue with the fact I spend only a few hours with my clients.

For example: At a recent wedding I was booked for all day coverage but there is so much more.

Take a look-

Pre Wedding Emails- 3 hours.
Consultation- 2 hours
Producing Contract- 1 hour
Engagement Session- 2 hours
Engagement Production- 4 hours
Final Consultation- 1 hour
Wedding Day- 11 hours
Wedding Processing- 16 hours
Album Design- 6 hours
Multimedia Production- 8 hours

That is a total of 54 hours and a VERY conservative estimate. Don't get me wrong as I enjoy every second of it. Just wanted people to know the leg work that it takes to do things the right way.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Multimedia is Here

Check out this audio slideshow from Chris and Stephanie Vail's wedding from March of this year. I see this storytelling tool as part of the future for wedding photojournalists. In the journalism world we are working hard to make multimedia the third rail if you will, along with words and photography. As you can see this is a very personal and touching way to tell the story of a couple's big day. Let me know what you think as this is just the first of many projects to come. Don't mind the low resolution as that will change once I get the video player on the main website.